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WordPress importer arbitrary post create

Native WordPress importer have 3 different parser classes: WXR_Parser_SimpleXML, WXR_Parser_XML and WXR_Parser_Regex. If first two required PHP extensions (simplexml and xml) aren’t installed or somehow they fail during export file parsing, then everything should be done by WXR_Parser_Regex class. Failing could occure because: malformed XML file Huge XML file with lot of data (libxml doesn’t obay memory constraints from php.ini) most important one: …

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LearnPress SQLi to RCE

Few months back security research regarding WP learning platforms got my attention. From writing there and change logs it was obvios that some of the SQLi vulnerabilities remained in the code and what is more interesting it is easy to be escalated to RCE. Eli5 PoC Into function learn_press_duplicate_post_meta which is called from learn_press_duplicate_post we have the following: From …

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WordPress importer and attached file

WordPress project have put a lot of effort to prevent meddling with _wp_attached_file meta value. Part of this effort was put into wordpress-importer plugin as part of the core, but… Few versions back there was possibility to bypass those restrictions with \ WP “magic”, but there are few more techniques. Eli5 PoC class-wp-import.php method is_valid_meta_key we have the following: and Do you …

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