WordPress and phar unserialize

Core team had put some effort into project in order to preven unserialize of user input via phar stream wrapper. In general, efforts are good, but to excelent there are two more grades and this is the max with this approach. In the core there is function path_join that accepts two parameters $base and $path$path is then sent towards function path_is_absolute and from the code

function path_is_absolute( $path ) {
	 * Check to see if the path is a stream and check to see if its an actual
	 * path or file as realpath() does not support stream wrappers.
	if ( wp_is_stream( $path ) && ( is_dir( $path ) || is_file( $path ) ) ) {
		return true;

it is obvious that wp_is_stream will return TRUE for phar://path_here and will reach is_dir and/or is_file which will trigger unserialize of user input in WP.

Eli5 PoC

In wp_restore_image function which could be called by any user with upload rights on WP (author user role by default) there is the following flow:

$backup_sizes     = get_post_meta( $post_id, '_wp_attachment_backup_sizes', true );
if ( isset( $backup_sizes['full-orig'] ) && is_array( $backup_sizes['full-orig'] ) ) {
		$data = $backup_sizes['full-orig'];
		$restored_file = path_join( $parts['dirname'], $data['file'] );
		$restored      = update_attached_file( $post_id, $restored_file );

There it is, unserialize of user input. How to place custom values in _wp_attachment_backup_sizes, check the facts 🙂

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